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Ricola prepares for Halal law in Indonesia

Foto: Ricola

The candy manufacturer Ricola is currently reviewing its production process. The reason for this is a new Halal law in Indonesia, which will soon come into force.

In Indonesia, a new Halal Act will come into force in early 2019. By then, all products sold will have to be halal-certified by law. For the Swiss herb candy manufacturer Ricola, the Asian country is an important growth market, which is why the company is currently going through an elaborate certification process, reports the Aargauer Zeitung (AZ).

According to AZ, Ricola has been selling its sweets in Indonesia for over 40 years. The producer does not use any animal products except honey and butterfat, which is why the company did not have to adapt its recipe. But the company had to prove that no halal-resistant substances came into contact with the sweets during production or distribution, such as lubricants for the production machines or cleaning agents. In addition, there would be halal training, regular audits and the formation of a halal management team.


Source: Halal-Welt – Global Halal Business Magazine

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