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Collecting The Highlights Of Global Delicacies, Having Dialogue With The Vibrant Marketplace

News From : DagangHalal.com (21 Nov 2018)

The grand opening ceremony of ANUFOOD China 2018 is held in National Convention Center today in Beijing. The theme of the expo is presented as “Collecting the Highlights of Global Delicacies, Having Dialogue with the Vibrant Marketplace”. Setting the North China and North Asia market as the target region, ANUFOOD China is dedicated to building an efficient trading platform for the exhibitors and professional buyers within the food industry.

International Pavilions have a strong lineup on the exhibition, 451 enterprises coming from 33 countries and regions present themselves on the 22000 Sqm exhibition space on the show. There are also seven featured national pavilions. Apart from experienced exhibitors from Germany, Italy, Australia, Poland, Korea etc., enterprises from Iran, Macedonia, Vietnam, Greece, Mexico also made their debut on the show. ANUFOOD China has a tradition of attracting insiders from the food and beverage industry all over the world to attend the yearly exhibition. It’s estimated that there are 5,000 professional audiences attending the exhibition of the first day of the show, making another unprecedented grand occasion in the history of the ANUFOOD China.

The exhibit of ANUFOOD China 2018 is abundant and diversified, covering all the sectors of food and beverage. Exhibits include fine food, sweet snack food, beverage, meat, dairy products, frozen food, halal food, catering services, etc.

Many exhibitors have started their business dialogue with customers right after the opening ceremony. Highly efficient business communication is the outcome for the success of “Special Invitation Program of Professional Buyers”. This program is tailor-made for professionals in the food and beverage industry in North Asia and North China region, including those retailers, importers, whole-sellers, food service companies, hotel business managers and the distributors of the food industry. The organizer has set up a clearly-defined “Business Dialogue Itinerary” before the show based on the purchasing lists from buyers. On the platform of exhibition, the buyers will have immediate connection with exhibitors who have the products they need. Both parties will have effective business discussion on the site of the exhibition.

With the considerate arrangement and coordination from organizers, several business meetings have very positive feedback and a high level of customer satisfaction, “NetEase Koala Business Matching”, “InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) Procurement Matchmaking” and “Business Conference for Representatives of Imported Food”, to name just a few. This is an initiative of the organizer to build platform for exhibitors and buyers to minimize the cost of communication and significantly improve working efficiency.

One of the features and highlights of ANUFOOD China is to host amazing events and industry summit on the platform of exhibition and to provide value-increment services to exhibitors and professional audiences alike. All the events during the exhibition period can be classified into three sectors, namely, culinary competitions, industry conferences and keynote speeches.

As the representative of culinary competitions, “2018 Japanese Food & Beverage Industry Summit & The 2nd Japanese Culinary Invitational Competition” and “1st International Western Cuisine Competition” are held on the date of opening ceremony. Both the contest competitors and audiences are in very high spirits. The contests not only demonstrated their professional skills but also provided the audiences with a wonderful experience of visual enjoyment. By presenting highly energetic business dialogues among industry icons, the Summit Conference of “From Place of Origin to Dinner Table” and the “Exhibition and Appreciation of Food Material from Places of Origins” hosted by Chinese Cuisine Magazine have created another climax on site. InterContinental Hotel Group has in-depth cooperation with organizers of show at a earlier stage this year. Apart from the customary “IHG Charity Foundation Luncheon and Donation Ceremony”, IHG also had in-depth “Procurement Dialogue” with exhibitors from China and abroad, providing exhibitors with opportunities of expanding supply channels for hotels.

Series of industrial conference and key-note speeches, including “The Congress of China Imported Food Association of CFNA”, “2018 Chinese Agricultural Products Export Demonstration Base – Workshop”, “Evolution & Breakthrough 2018 Catering and Retail Leaders Cocreation Summit”, “Trend and innovation of Digestive Health Products”, “10 Trends and Innovations of Leisure Food” etc., are not only the best opportunity for business stakeholders to discuss development trend and to exchange experiences, but also serve as a stage to present their business demeanor to the audiences.

ANUFOOD China is an important exhibition held in China by Koelnmesse Co., Ltd. It is also an important family member of the global food and food technology industry exhibitions. After five years of development, ANUFOOD China has been held at a considerable scale and has gained very good recognition within the industry. Koelnmesse will continue its close cooperation with CFNA, China Hotel Association and other partners. As the theme of this exhibition indicates, “Collecting the Highlights of Global Delicacies, Having Dialogue with the Vibrant Marketplace”, ANUFOOD China will always be committed to delivering professional exhibition services for the enterprises within food and beverage industry, to providing efficient trading platform for professional buyers and delivering excellent exhibition experience to all the audiences.

To learn more about ANUFOOD China, visit www.anufoodchina.com.

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