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Malaysia To Import Halal Meat From Bangladesh

News From : DagangHalal.com (01 Nov 2010)

DHAKA, Nov.1, 2010(News Agencies)– .

Malaysian is making forays into hitherto untapped markets to source its halal meats supply. After Pakistan it is now in negotiations with Bangladesh to import halal meat.

A delegation led by Dr. Isa,  the Chief Minister of Perlis state of Malaysia is currently visiting Bangladesh and expressed hope that trade between the two countries will be mutually beneficial. The delegation expressed keen interest in importing halal meats, fruits, and other agriculture products.

There is huge potentiality of improving trade relations between the two countries, Dr Isa said adding Malaysia wants to improve trade ties with Bangladesh.

He said he would share experiences of his Bangladesh visit and different potentials with the central government of Malaysia to enhance the bilateral trade relations.

The Bangladesh government recently announced its intention to form a halal certification board and has formed a high level committee in this regard.

A local company has also signed a deal to export halal meat to Malaysia.

– Halal.com

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