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Long Island Hospital Offers Halal Food For Patients

News From : DagangHalal.com (01 Nov 2010)

LONG ISLAND, Nov.1, 2010 (News Agencies)– . Going to a hospital is stressful enough for patients. Having to worry about the religious permissibility of the foods served can add to the anxiety. But many hospitals are now taking a pro-active approach to meet the needs of their Muslim patients. In addition to being sensitive to religious norms they are also offering halal meals on their menu.

Franklin Hospital in Valley Stream on Long Island, which is part of the North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System, recently started offering patients halal food in keeping with Muslim dietary rules, said Joe Manopella, executive director of the hospital, the New York Times reports.

As the Muslim population grows many hospitals are responding to their needs. Earlier this year, the Southlake Regional Hospital in New Market, Ontario, also began offering halal options. “Southlake has been and always will be sensitive to the needs of our growing community,” says Dan Carriere, President and CEO at Southlake. “This initiative is about ensuring that patients are aware of the menu choices available to them when they find themselves admitted to the hospital.”

– Halal.com

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