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What’s NEW For MIFB 2012

News From : DagangHalal.com (12 Jul 2012)

Tapping Premium Agricultural Products
Being one of the NKEAs (National Key Economic Areas) under the Economic Transformation Program of Malaysia, the agriculture sector plays an important role in its economic development. Malaysia will focus on large global market of agriculture and its sub-sectors with high growth potential,including:
– Aquaculture such as seafood,seaweed farming;
– Fresh fruits and vegetables;
– Agriculture related products such as bird’s nests, herbal products
– Livestock
Promoting Malaysian Traditional and Ethnic Flavours
Being a multi-cultural, multi-racial country, Malaysia’s food products truly reflect a fusion of ethnic flavors and culinary styles that are uniquely Malaysian and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Most of these products such as durian and related products, layer cakes, otak-otak, etc. are halal certified with great export potential.
Expanding the Export Potential of Processed Food and Beverages Products
Processed F & B industry is an important component of the agro-based industry, contributing about 10% of the Malaysian manufacturing output and exporting more than 80 countries with an annual export value of more than US$3.6 billion.
From agriculture and fisheries product’s sub-sectors such as frozen seafood, canned food, fruit and vegetable based products, livestock products, the industry spans to include food additives, cocoa-based products, sugar and confectionary products, sauces, convenient food and snacks, among others, resulted in a fascinating range of processed food with an Asian twist that are most sought after by international buyers.
The beverage segments cover soft drinks, juices, coffee and teas, and mineral water and many others.
Exploring International Halal Food Market
The demand for halal food is expected to excel in parallel with an increasing Muslim population of approx.2 billion worldwide that accounts for 25% of the world population, creating a huge market and enormous business opportunities of global halal food trade at US$547 billion per year. Malaysia, a progressive, moderate and dynamic Islamic country provides an ideal springboard and easy access into the global halal food market.
Launching International New and Innovative Food & Beverages
Strategically located at the gateway to Asean with over 550 million population, Malaysia is truly the land of opportunities opening up a number of promising fields in F & B sectors. The appeal of the market for international F & B suppliers is particularly strong because of increased consumer wealth and diversity of taste for culinary luxuries and imported products. While Malaysia is one of the largest export nations worldwide, MIFB2012 will be an effective launching pad for new and innovative products into Malaysia, the region and beyond.
Pushing Health and Organic Food to the Forefront
Increasing consumer affluence is driving concerns for health and food safety, demand for minimally processed food, functional / healthy fresh food, organic food and natural food flavors from plants and seafood has increased drastically.

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