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Turning SMEs Into Halal Champions

News From : DagangHalal.com (02 Aug 2009)

Bandar Seri Begawan – Ms Tina Mazni Jamaluddin, General Manager Corporate Marketing of Prima Agri Products Sdn Bhd, Malaysia, conducted a presentation entitled ‘Turning SMEs into Halal Champions” during Session Four of the International Halal Market Conference (IHMC) 2009.

In her presentation, she highlighted all the aspects of management needed to become a `Halal Champion’, which includes operation management, brand management, quality standards, as well as finance and best management practices.

“Your products and services are based on these five key elements to turn your businesses (SMEs) into ‘Halal Champions’,” she said.

A graduate of Hawaii Pacific University in 2001 with a BA in International Business, Ms Tina Mazni has been instrumental in dealing with various government agencies, developing incentives and &ants for Malaysian SMEs, as well as attending international trade shows and buying missions worldwide.

“The capabilities and capacity to produce a product are through the sourcing of raw materials and ingredients. We can identify these sources from its origin and consistent supplies.

“Strict guidelines should also be imposed for the selection of suppliers, where reliability of the source (supplier) must be put into account,” she added.

Touching on financial capabilities, Ms Tina Mazni said, “You (the SME) must allocate resources to maintain a brand -the Brunei Halal brand for example -and ensure its sustainability.

“The government plays a role, whereby the relevant authority (MIPR) should assist on grants or incentives, including development programmes for the SME.”

Over the years, Tina Mazni has worked closely with several international QSR brand owners like BUM International, Subway and Burger King to develop standards aimed at the Halal market and accordingly upgrading the product quality.

“In order to achieve success, you as the SME must have control over your products and services. This is intended to deliver on the brand promise, so as to set a bench mark for your industry,” she said.

Meanwhile, in his closing speech, Date Paduka Hj Mohd Hamid Hj Mohd Iaafar, Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources and chairman of the organising committee, applauded and reiterated the topics touched by the panel of guest speakers.

While highlighting how they related to different elements of the Halal brand as a whole, he stated the importance of standard and quality, which should come together, as it is what the market seeks nowadays.

He added that the problems faced in producing Halal-certified products also need to be addressed. “Now, compared to five or 10 years ago, Halal is not as new. We have come a long way. Halal is not just a logo with Arabic writing; it is now considered a solid brand.”

Written by Farah Ahmadnawi & Aziz Idris
— Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin

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