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Tanjung Manis Halal Hub Gets EUR 400 Mln Investment

News From : DagangHalal.com (12 Oct 2009)

Taiwanese firm Sea Party International Co Ltd (SPI) and its subsidiaries will invest MYR 2 billion (EUR 400.1 million) in the Tanjung Manis Halal Hub.

SPI will spend MYR 318 million (EUR 63.6 million) for aquaculture activities like breeding tilapia, growing chlorella and producing halal collagen and gelatine in the first phase.

In the second phase, gelatine will be produced from tilapia scales, bones and skin; there will be farming of organic prawns and a vendor development programme, Bernama reports.

The ceremony for the group’s MYR 30 million- (EUR 6 billion) research and development centre at Tanjung Manis was performed on Thursday by Chief Minister Tan Sri Taib Mahmud.

The ceremony “will be the starting point to make the halal hub known throughout the world as the producer and distributor of halal food,” said SPI President Dr Ray Lin.

Taiwan’s aquaculture and fishing industries both support SPI, he said.

“We also have the help from the professors of the National Taiwan Ocean University and the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology,” he added at the ceremony.

Locals will enjoy jobs and business opportunities through the projects, according to Lin.

“They will be given the assistance and training in fish and prawn farming so that they will be capable of producing good quality halal products. Our vendor programmes will help them breed fish and prawn using biotechnology,” he elaborated.

The group will be environmentally friendly. They have developed technology to reach optimum productivity while impacting the environment to a minimum.

All three of the group’s units – Sea Party Industry Sdn Bhd, Sea Party Technology Sdn Bhd and Sea Party Biotech Industry Sdn Bhd – will emphasise feed milling. They will produce biotech chicken and eggs and process downstream.

“Sea Party Biotech will play a bigger role than the other subsidiaries under phase one of the development since it is responsible for most of the downstream processed products. It will process tilapia wastes such as bones, skin and scales into collagen and gelatine in the forms of hard and soft capsules,” Lin explained.

Sea Party Technology R&D Sdn Bhd will highlight the transformation of the Tanjung Manis Halal Hub into a global centre for quality halal food products, he continued.

Because the state and federal governments both support the venture, Lin said he is positive that the agriculture and aquaculture industries in Malaysia will be modernised and improved with Taiwanese technology.

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