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RP Emerging Source Of Halal-Certified Products Going To Middle East

News From : DagangHalal.com (09 Mar 2010)

CONSUMING halal-certified products is essential to the practice of the Islamic faith. It is important for Middle Eastern countries to ensure that the meat and poultry they consume are genuinely halal-certified to adhere to the lawful food prescribed for Muslim countries.

With this in mind, more and more food manufacturers from the Philippines acknowledge the importance and the saleability of halal-certified products.

Industry reports say there are more than 300 halal-certified companies covering more than 5,000 products in the Philippines.

Slord Development Corp., a known manufacturer of marine canned goods from the Philippines, is one of the food exporters recognizing the advantages of being halal-certified.

Slord is the carrier of various popular brands such as Uni-pak, (flagship brand of Slord that serves various canned products such as sardines and mackerel) and Sallenas and Yariko (Slord’s brand for the budget-conscious, also serving sardines and mackerel throughout Southern Philippines).

“Aside from targeting the Muslim community in the country, we were also able to export our products to various Middle Eastern countries and we were able to increase our sales,” said Michelle Tumnob, marketing officer of Slord.

To date, the total value of the global halal food market is worth about $632 billion based on industry reports.

“Looking at the results of the two business missions organized by the Department of Trade and Industry [DTI] last year, we can say that halal-certified products from the country have huge potential in the world halal market,” said Sue Guru, Focal halal Person of DTI.

In 2008 DTI also launched an advocacy program that aims to invite and educate Philippine food manufacturers about the significance of halal. These info-sessions were facilitated to encourage more companies to take the certification and therefore create a strong niche in the Middle Eastern mainstream market.

As part of  DTI’s continuous promotion and to sustain the presence of Philippine food brands, the Center for International Trade Exposition and Mission (Citem), an attached agency of DTI, also spearheaded the Philippine delegation in Gulfood 2010.

The participation aims to promote the country as a major source of quality food in Asia and to showcase prime halal-certified food products from the country.

Halal-compliant companies who joined the recently concluded Gulfood were Mega Fishing Corp. (canned marine products), Monde Nissin Corp. (instant noodles and biscuits) and Ngosiok Marketing (Super Q noodles).

Citem will also promote halal products in a special pavilion in the country’s trade show for food, the International Food Exhibition Philippines (Ifex). Ifex Philippines is the country’s premier trade event for quality and delectable food ideas scheduled from May 6 to 8 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila, Pasay City.

The three-day event will feature the Halal Pavilion, a creative display of halal-certified products from the Philippines that cover a wide range of food categories.

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