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Raided For Halal Offence – Existence Of Cheap Dressed Chickens

News From : DagangHalal.com (17 Jul 2009)

KUANTAN, Malaysia: The existence of cheap dressed chickens at several places here has raised doubt among consumers.

Suspecting something amiss, some of them alerted the state Religious Department (JAIP) which later checked the origin of the chickens.

They found that the chickens had been supplied by a company in Jalan Gambang which did not follow regulations.

Although the workers were Muslims, they did not follow the proper procedures provided for by JAIP which raised questions about the halal status of the chicken.

District Syariah Law Enforcement Unit head Surja Khairul Ishak said the chicken processing area was also covered in blood and feathers.

“The chickens were dumped in a so-called container that was actually lorry tyre tubes piled up together.

“Some of the chickens may have died of suffocation and not because of the slaughtering process.”

Surja, who led a raid on the company, said 15 workers were busy processing the slaughtered chickens in an unhygienic environment.

He said JAIP had issued a warning to the company manager. -NST

Source: asiaonenews
Link: http://news.asiaone.com/News/AsiaOne%2BNews/Crime/Story/A1Story20090717-155335.html

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