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Meat Associations To Stay Away From Ghazipur Abattoir After Privatisation

News From : DagangHalal.com (17 Jul 2009)

The Ghazipur abattoir has run into a fresh spell of controversy yet again, with the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) planning to outsource its operations to a private company.

The city’s halal association has said the prospect of moving to the new abattoir is impossible now, with the new company charging exorbitant rates for slaughtering animals. The jhatka association, which is already functional in the abattoir, has also decided to move out.

The Ghazipur abattoir has been a bone of contention between the city’s meat associations and the MCD since its inauguration last year. With the MCD outsourcing it to a private company, Frigorifico Allana, the halal meat association has refused to move out of the Idgah abattoir.

While the jhatka section has already been shifted to the new abattoir, the jhatka meat association said they have started to slaughter animals at their homes. “It is impossible is work there anymore. We have started slaughtering animals at our homes and will continue to do that,” Kishen Lal, president of Jhatka association, said.

The halal association complained that the new company would charge them a large sum for slaughtering animals. “They told us to pay Rs 90 for slaughtering a lamb, against Rs 5 that we charge in Idgah. For a buffalo, the charges have been hiked from Rs 12 to Rs 500,” president of the halal meat association, Mohammaad Aquin Qureshi, said.

MCD officials, however, denied that there would be such a drastic difference between the rates. “We have not yet finalised the deal, but it is certain Allana would get the contract,” Deep Mathur, MCD spokesperson, said. The company will be paying Rs 6 crore annually to the MCD. Company representatives said the rates were going to be fixed by the MCD later.

BY Zahid Rafiq
Source: indianexpress.com
Link: http://www.indianexpress.com/news/meat-associations-to-stay-away-from-ghazipur-abattoir-after-privatisation/490503/

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