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Pakistan And Malaysia Join Hands For Major Share In World Halal Market

News From : DagangHalal.com (28 Jul 2009)

KARACHI, Jul. 28 (APP)- A combination of technology and investment from Malaysia and halal raw material from Pakistan will help in getting a big share in international halal market.This was stated by the chief executive of Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) Syed Mohibullah Shah here Tuesday while speaking at the launching of Global Halal Expo and Global Halal Congress 2010 to be organised by Messe Pakistan in 2010.
He said that Malaysia has expertise in halal food technology and certification and it can help Pakistan to get a big share in the international market with its raw material may it be meat, milk, poultry, food grain, etc.

He pointed out that trade policy 2009-12 announced on Monday, provides a 50 percent subsidy on the certification of halal food.

Shah said that halal food market was growing at a rate of 20 percent per annum and this will certainly increase further with the passage of time.

He said there was a great potential for Pakistan to enter into this market and get its rightful share with the support of Malaysia.

He noted that halal food market was growing due to rising prosperity among Muslim countries which prefer halal food in accordance with their belief.

He said it was unfortunate that 85 percent of the halal food was manufactured by the non-Muslims and only 15 percent was produced by the Muslim countries.

Earlier, CEO of International Halal Integrity Alliance Ltd (IHI)

Darhim Hashim said that halal food was the fastest growing market of the world as demand for halal and kosher food was rising.

He said Pakistan can play a key role in the supply of halal food with the help of available raw material including meat, milk, poultry and grains.

Consul General of Malaysia Mohammad Khaled Abdul Razzaq lauded the efforts of the organizers of the expo and congress and said it will go a long way in the promotion of halal food in this part of the world.

In his welcome address, Asad Sajjad of Messe Pakistan said that global halal food market was estimated at $ 632 billion and the global halal market touching $ 2 trillion. Pakistan was yet to tap this market, he added.

He pointed out that this expo and congress will open venues for investment and joint venture in halal food between Pakistan and Malaysia and other Muslim countries.

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