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Nanning Invite To Build Hotel For Muslims

News From : DagangHalal.com (28 Jul 2009)

IPOH, July 28 (Bernama) — Malaysian entrepreneurs were Tuesday invited to develop in Nanning, China, a special hotel catering for Muslims.

The invitation was extended by Nanning Muslim Association president Ma An Lu when he called at the menteri besar’s office here.

The Perak menteri besar’s advisor for Chinese affairs, Datuk Chang Ko Youn, said the investment had great potential because the province was a popular destination for Muslim tourists from Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei.

“Ma said visitors had difficulty obtaining halal food and suggested that a special hotel be built to provide Muslims with comfortable accommodation and halal food as well,” he told reporters after welcoming Ma and a delegation which included Muslim entrepreneurs.

Chang said Muslim entrepreneurs in Nanning were keen to collaborate with Malaysian entrepreneurs in the production of halal food, as they were impressed with the system employed by Malaysia to produce halal food which had gained international recognition.

He also said that there was interest to import more halal food from Malaysia as demand for such food was high in Nanning.


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