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Only 187 Food Premises & Restaurants Have Halal Certificate

News From : DagangHalal.com (01 Dec 2010)

Cyberjaya – Only 187 out of thousand others food and restaurant premises have obtained halal certificate from the Deparment of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). The director of Halal Hub Unit JAKIM, Saimah Mukhtar said that the small number is due to the difficulties of businessmen and operators in this country to obtain raw materials supply.

One of the important procedures in getting the halal certificate for food and restaurant premises is the usage of recognized halal raw materials supply.” At this moment not many companies are producing raw materials and most of them are not selling the raw materials in small quantities.”

“Therefore many food premises which have yet to obtain the halal certificate is because of this limitation and JAKIM has the platform to resolve this problem,” she said this after chairing the 1Malaysia 1Halal campaign 2011 meeting yesterday. According to Saimah, due to the dissatisfaction shown in the statistic figures, her department will be focusing more on food and restaurant premises during the 1Malaysia 1Halal campaign next year.

Henceforth, she said the collaboration with various agencies among others the local authority agency will be stepped up in order to ensure more food premises to get the halal certificate. “The involvement of various raw material suppliers company will also solve this main limitation factor in obtaining halal certificate by the food premises,” she said. She added that the 1Malaysia 1Halal campaign will be continued next year and the first installment will be Kuala Terengganu in February.

She said, this is followed with Penang, Melaka and will end in Kuala Lumpur or Selangor in November 2011. “Beside Kosmo! as the official media partner, the installment next year will also see the involvement of the new television station, Al-Hijrah which will join the 1M1H campaign,” she said after informing that DagangHalal.com will also remain as the 1M1H program manager.

Source: Kosmo

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