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New Merchant Sign Up – PPK MADA C-1 Kangar

News From : DagangHalal.com (27 Mar 2009)

DagangHalal is pleased to annouce another new Silver Merchant had recently signed up with DagangHalal.com

The farmers association for the area of Bahagia, MADA C-1 Kangar is a Farmers Organisation (PPK) among 27 associations that exists in the area of Muda Agricultural Development Authority (MADA), which is an agency under the Ministry of Aqriculture and Agro-Based Industry Malaysia (MOA).

This association carry out businesses and services based on agriculture such as agriculture based counseling, packaging and marketing of agricultural input and to become an agent between MADA / MOA and the farmers who grows paddy in MADA areas. This association is registered under the Farmers Association Act 1973 with the registration number PPK 0209 Equity Ownership 100% bumiputera with RM500,000 advance. This PPK has 1,535 members with an accumulated stock value at RM 325,734.00.

Besides carrying out business based on agriculture, this association also varies on the type of businesses with manufacturing and marketing of products based on MADA agricultural products such as Halal Food and Beverages, for instance Mango JuiceMango Chilli SauceMango JamPalm VinegarRiceDrinking Water and Mango Puree. They used Chok Anan Mango (Klon MA 224) from the MOA Mango Farm, Tobiar, Pendang, Kedah Malaysia which was estimate around 43 hectares and have been worked out by MADA. PPK is a marketing agent to a few other MADA farmers who produce original palm vinegar, Kedah rice, drinks and fertilizers.

Click the link to visit PPK MADA C-1 Kangar Official Website

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