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More Imported Products Declared Halal By MUI

News From : DagangHalal.com (14 Jun 2012)

Companies from 37 countries have been granted halal certificates by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), indicating a growing interest in the halal product business in Indonesia, said an Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) executive on Tuesday.

“It is a good sign that Muslims in Indonesia can consume more imported products, which is safe and in compliance with the Islamic law,” said the Institute for Economic Study, Research and Development (LP3ES) Kadin head Anaz M Fauzi during a seminar in Jakarta.


Source:The Jakarta Post

Indonesia is the world’s biggest halal product consumer with a total value of US$78.5 million, World Halal Forum 2010 data revealed. Indonesia represents 12.23 percent of worldwide halal product consumption, amounting to $641.5 million.

Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore are among the countries that revamp their halal productions to boost sales in Muslim populated countries, including in Indonesia.

China is the most active nation in terms of producing halal products, with 125 companies having obtained the MUI’s halal certificate last year. The Food and Drug Control Body (LPOM) MUI in China was officially launched on Feb. 16, said Anaz.

Besides granting certificates to local and foreign companies, the MUI also recognizes certificates issued by 38 certifier bodies, consisting of 33 bodies on cattle slaughtering, 29 bodies on food processing and 11 bodies on flavorings. (yps/swd)

Source:The Jakarta Post

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