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Malaysia: World-Class Training Needed To Help Boost Halal Industry

News From : DagangHalal.com (09 Jan 2013)

 SUBANG JAYA: The key agents of transformation and growth of the halal industry need credible and world-class training to prepare them to be self-sustaining in efforts to create a ‘culture of quality’ in the industry.

Department of Standards Malaysia director-general, Fadilah Baharin, said this would positively contributed to the success or percentage of companies seeking halal certification.

“The potentials of the halal industry will increase multi-fold if the awareness on ‘halal’ is improved,” she told a media briefing on the inaugural Malaysia Halal Industry Market Report 2012 here yesterday.

The report includes insights on the consumer understanding and awareness of ‘halal’ investments, export market potentials, challenges and opportunities from multiple stakeholder groups including consumers, authorities and industry players.

She said one of the key insights of the research was that the interpretation of ‘halal’ was currently limited to pork- and alcohol-free processes.

Fadilah said the potentials of the halal industry would increase multi-fold, if the awareness on ‘halal’ was improved.

“Standards Malaysia will organise special pilot workshops to bring about greater awareness among the industry players.

“A workshop is organised today with participants from the industry to review and deliberate on the key findings of the report, which has helped us understand the various gaps in terms of the interpretation of ‘halal’ in Malaysia,” she said.

The report, which would be made public soon, aimed to scrutinise the Malaysian halal industry landscape from the perspective of its major stakeholders – consumers, businesses and regulators, she said.

“It includes an in-depth research and rational analyses of the halal market potentials in Malaysia as well as globally,” she said.

Meanwhile, Egnatia Group chairman, Ali Kasa, said about 31 per cent of the companies filing applications for halal certification were not successful due to various reasons including mis-interpretation or non-compliance of ‘halal’ criteria.

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