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Jakim Confirms QBB Ghee Is Halal

News From : DagangHalal.com (11 Nov 2010)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has confirmed that QBB ghee is permissible or halal to be consumed by Muslims in the country.

Through its website www.halal.gov, Jakim said the product, “QBB Pure Ghee” produced by QBI Packaging Sdn Bhd had complied with the Islamic halal concept.

“With that, the application by the company for the halal certificate has been approved with effect from Nov 1, 2010,” the website said.

According to Jakim, the halal certification was issued following verification through the supplier, process and customer traceability.

Jakim had earlier suspended its halal certification for QBI Packaging Sdn Bhd effective from Aug 19, after finding out the product contained questionable elements which were not consumable by Muslims.

This resulted in QBI Packaging Sdn Bhd not permitted to use the Malaysian halal logo on all its QBB ghee products.

– The Malay Mail

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