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JAIS Halal Certificate Application Seen Progressive Result In Hotel Industry

News From : DagangHalal.com (04 Jun 2010)

Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Adbul Aziz, the Head of JAKIM stated that JAKIM mission is not to punish or prosecute the hotel management if they found guilty of using fake Halal certificate, but to help them to apply a valid JAKIM Halal certificate.

Most of them claim that the JAKIM Halal certificate application procedures are too strict. While the fact is that the application procedures are not difficult, and JAKIM aims is to protect the Halal consumer from becoming victims of non-Halal products. The main concern is that the tourists from West Asia who visited Malaysia will only depends on the control board which written in Arabic as a reference for Halal status of the food & beverage in the hotel.

Recently the JAIS (Sarawak Islamic Religious Council) had successfully attracted 113 three stars hotel to obtain the valid Halal certificate through the collaboration with the state government. This achievement should emulate by other state departments of Islam in order to uphold the use of certificates and logos in the hotel industry.

Lastly, Mr. Wan Mohamad stated that JAKIM will add more new staffs which are technical workers as to ensure the Halal certificate application will immediately being processed to fulfill the increasing demand from every industry.

Who are eligible to apply Halal Certificate?

  • Producer / Manufacturer products
  • Distributor / Dealer
  • Sub-contract Manufacturer
  • Repackaging
  • Food Premises
  • Slaughter Houses

The requirement of apply Halal certificate:

  • Every Producer / Manufacturer products/ Distributor / Dealer that producing the Halal products
  • Company has to ensure the resources are Halal ingredients and choosing suppliers who supply Halal or Halal certificate
  • Company should ensure procedures are complied with all respects of lawful as in the guidelines of Halal manual procedures
  • Minimum requirement: two Permanent Malaysian Muslim Employees in the kitchen/ Handling/ Food Processing.

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