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High Demand For Halal Products Can Help Economy Achieve Six Per Cent Growth

News From : DagangHalal.com (04 Mar 2010)

He said having an diversified range of halal food products can also be an integrated step towards promoting Malaysia as a globl halal hub.

“We are competing with several neighbouring countries like Thailand, in the food industry, but we have an edge over the others as our food products ae unique in that they carry the halal logo which is accepted worldwide.

“There are many European companies which want to strike business deals with Malaysian companies as they are confident of the halal logo which is promoted widely,” he told reporters after opening the new corporate building of Nihon Canpack (M) Sdn Bhd here Thursday.

Mukhriz said the development of the local food industry was vital in ensuring the continued growth of the Malaysian economy.

He added the government was aware that the food industry was the third contributor which generated economic growth as it not only fulfilled local needs but also international requirements.

The food industry also contributed significantly to export revenue and was slowly, but surely, helping the government reduce its burgeoning food deficit.

“However, we must always be aware that globalisation and liberalisation will not only open vast opportunities for the local food industry but will also bring along various challenges.


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