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Halal Meat Agencies De-Listed In NZ By Indonesia

News From : DagangHalal.com (08 Jun 2009)

The Indonesian Government has de-listed the two Muslim authorities responsible for certifying halal meat in New Zealand.

The Federation of Islamic Associations says it’s been certifying meat for more than 30 years and suspects Indonesia is being wooed by cheap product from Brazil.

The other agency, New Zealand Islamic Meat Management, says it’s been given no explanation why it was de-listed a month ago, without notice.

Indonesia imports an estimated 70,000 tonnes of beef from Australia and New Zealand every year. All beef imports have to be certified halal by Muslim agencies in New Zealand in line with Islamic dietary law.

New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser admits he does not think all of our procedures are “tidy”.

Mr Groser met his Indonesian counterpart on Sunday. He says restoring confidence in New Zealand’s two certifying authorities will be a “medium-term” issue to resolve.

Seventy six shipments of meat are being at the port of Tanjung Priok.

Mr Groser says they are a “short-term issue” that he hopes will be cleared on Monday or Tuesday.

Source:Radio New Zealand News | Listen to more on Morning Report

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