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Aussie And NZ Beef Held Up In Indonesia

News From : DagangHalal.com (08 Jun 2009)

Beef producers in New Zealand are anxiously waiting to see what will happen to containers of beef being held up at Indonesia’s ports.

The New Zealand meat industry association says it’s received conflicting reports on the reasons why, but says there is some suggestion there is a certification problem over the Halal status of the product, which is a religious requirement on the way the beef is prepared.

Chief executive Tim Ritchie says so far he has received no official notification about a ban on all beef into Indonesia, but has heard Australia is effected.

“The trade and the media are reporting that there are around a couple of hundred containers that have been held up at the port of entry and we understand that product is of both Australian as well as New Zealand origin,” he says.

The Australian Meat Industry Council says together with the Australian government they are monitoring the situation closely.

And AMIC says it understands the issue of halal certification appears to be rectified at this stage for the Australian meat.

Source:ABC Rural

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