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Former Lady Warrior Creates ‘Halal’ Soap

News From : DagangHalal.com (09 Mar 2010)

MANILA, Philippines – A former woman warrior of the country’s once largest rebel group has the answer to the needs of Muslim women who believe they are defying Allah’s teaching by using pork fat-laden skin care products: an Islamic “halal” soap.

Bainon Karon, a former Moro National Liberation Front fighter, is marketing skin care products called “Palamanis,” which she says has the religious feel permissible under the Islamic Law. The soap is without animal fats which Islam considers haram or forbidden.

“Most soap is laden with pork oils, a no-no for us Muslims, so I tried hard to look for a soap that is halal,” Karon says. “Halal” is the Arabic term that means pure, and refers to a way of life that follows Islamic rules.

The potential market for halal soap in the country is huge, according to Karon. An estimated one million Filipino-Muslims reside in the country, and the goal of Palamanis is to reach out to them.

In Cotabato City and across the region, the product called Palamanis Papaya Whitening soap is carving out a niche to women and their entire brood.

“Most of our clients are women who are aware that not all soaps are Muslim-friendly,” says Karon.

—–Rosa May de Guzman, Inquirer Mindanao

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