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Damai Herbs To Market Herbal Drinks In Dubai

News From : DagangHalal.com (05 Jul 2010)

MELAKA, July 5 (Bernama) — The efforts of five friends in establishing Damai Herbs Global Industries (Damai Herbs) three months ago, has started to yield results with the herbal energy drink “Maxin” and herbal tonic “Royal Zabran”, produced by the company all set to be marketed in Dubai by year-end.

Damai Herbs Chief Executive Officer, Zainal Shahrin Md Zin said the products would be marketed by Malaysia Trading House in Dubai.

This, he added, is the result of cooperation between Damai Herbs and the Bumiputera Manufacturers and Services Industry Association Malaysia.

“For a start, we will send more than 200,000 tins of Maxin before year-end and are discussing the quantity of herbal tonic drinks,” he told Bernama at his office at the Teluk Mas Industrial Area here Monday.

Zainal Shahrin said to fulfill the request, Damai Herbs has switched the packaging format of Maxin drinks from bottles to cans, specifically for the export market.

He said the company has target to control 10 per cent of the energy drinks market and five per cent for herbal tonic drinks in the country annualy.

He also said at present, Damai Herbs is able to sell more than 10,000 bottles of Maxin and 1,000 herbal tonic Royal Zabran monthly.

Damai Herbs has also agents to market its products throughout the country as well as small retailiers such as petrol stations and pharmacies.

As of now, the company has no plans to market the product at supermarkets, due to the fear of not being able to meet demand.

Zainal Shahrin said he started Damai Herbs with a starting capital of RM100,000 together with four friends, Hamdan Mahat who now acts as the managing Director, Habibah Selamat (Administrative and Finance Director), Alias Mahat (Sales and Marketing Director) and Jalaludin Said ( Director).

He disclosed that at present, Damai Herbs had a production factory at the Melaka Halal Hub Indutrial Area in Serkam, with seven workers and capable of producing 10,000 units of products weekly.

He said Maxin and Royal Zabran used extracts from various types of herbs, including melada pahit and kemunting cina.

Zainal Shahrin said the herbal drink produced by Damai Herbs is capable of providing relief for various diseases, including diabetes and high blood pressure.


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