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Can Cassava Bridge The World Carbohydrate Gap?

News From : DagangHalal.com (11 Feb 2014)

Given that cassava contains 70 – 75 percent starch in dry weight, it can go a long way in bridging the world carbohydrate gap. However, there is a need to invest in technology to improve yields, so that cassava starch can be used for providing carbohydrates to billions of people across the world.

Riding on the growing importance of cassava starch, CMT is hosting its 3rd Starch World, in Jakarta, Indonesia on 17 – 19 February 2014 for you to hear presentations on:

World carbohydrate outlook and the role of cassava by Mr. Simon Bentley, Senior Consultant, LMC International Ltd. Mr. Simon Bentley, will provide you an overview of the – Evolving carbohydrate balances in Asia, Impact of these on prices and also look into the opportunities for cassava in solving the Asian carbohydrate gap.

You can also look forward to a special session on pea starch – a natural gluten-free carbohydrate, that is palatable due to presence of simple sugars. Make the most of the below session and abreast yourself with the latest developments in the field of pea starch and its derivatives:

Pea starch and derivatives (fibers) including developments in Roquette Starch activities by Dr. Bernard Pora, Asia R & D Director, Roquette Shanghai.

Apart from the above insightful sessions, there are many other sessions that promises to enlighten you.
Check out the final program agenda here.

PLUS, you can also partake in Optional Activities:
(i) Workshop: High Yielding Cassava Varieties & New Developments In Pest/Disease Management | 18th Feb (14:00 to 17:30 hrs)
(ii) Site Visit: Cassava Farm and Home Industry | 19th Feb (08:00 to 14:00 hrs)

Join Plantation, Agriculture / Agro Industrial Crops / Fermentation / Enzymes Suppliers – Companies that uses starch & starch derivatives – food, textiles, paper, pharmaceutical – Starch manufacturers using feedstock including rice, cassava, corn, wheat, tapioca, financial institutions – Ethanol Producers – Fertiliser Companies – Sugar Plantations Companies – Equipment & Technology suppliers at 3rd Starch World in Jakarta and expand your business further.

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For more details about the event, you can also drop an email at [email protected] or call +65 6346 9144.

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