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B2B Global Halal Trade Portal

News From : DagangHalal.com (25 Jun 2009)

DagangAsia Net Sdn. Bhd. (DagangAsia) the owner of the portal for marketing and consultation for various halal based products, has succeeded in reaching a total of 67,000 hits per day.

The company which owns the halal portal, www.daganghalal.com is now the platform for international and local trade when it is able to carry out 4.860 transactions which costs millions of ringgits since its existence four years back.

The CEO, Khairil Ismahafiz (pic) says, the portal is the best platform for SME’s in our country to market their products due to the fact that the trend of the market nowadays is more inclined towards the halal market of the world.

He says that the opportunity should not be ignored and this is because the transaction of the whole halal market is valued at RM2.1 trillion in September 2008 and is expected to increase to RM6 trillion come 2010.

“Malaysia so far only conquers the market value of about RM800 million last year and we as an Islamic country should take this opportunity to penetrate the halal market”.

“The market is not only focused on Muslim manufacturers but also those who are non-Muslims. This will help Malaysian to establish itself as an international halal hub,” he said during an interview with Kosmo! recently.”

Khairil says, up until now DagangAsia has 1,800 members and merchants, whereby the information of the services as well as the halal products are displayed on the web site to enable any kind of transactions to be made globally.

“Most of our local SME’s find it hard to grow as they face marketing related difficulties and boundaries to the global market and through this portal efforts can be made to enable easier transactions,” he says while adding that the company now has a chain of businesses operating in Thailand, Phillippines, Indonesia, the Middle East, Pakistan, China, Singapor and India.

He added that DagangAsia has invested approximately RM1 million to maintain the web site.

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