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ASUH Chicken Meat Better For Your Health

News From : DagangHalal.com (09 Apr 2010)

Chicken is full of nutrition especially protein, vitamin and mineral. Chicken is useful for growth, health and intelligence. For the best use, chicken meat has to be cleaned and cooked well. It has to fulfil the criteria of “Safe, Healthy, Full and Halal” (ASUH).

People have to be selective and careful in consuming chicken meat. Dead chicken meat to be re-sold (tiren) and formalin-ed chicken are distributed in the markets. To protect the customer, Jakarta Capital City has issued Bylaw No. 4/2007 about Poultry Breeding and Distribution. The implementation of it and the relocation of chicken slaughtering house (RPA) are some ways to prevent tiren chicken, formalin-ed chicken and to minimize bird flu so that people’s health will be guaranteed.

“Chicken to be consumed should fulfil ASUH criteria,” said Eko Henry Wicaksono, spokesperson of ASUH chicken meat socialization in South Jakarta Mayor office, Friday (4/9).

The socialization was held by City Dept. of Maritime, Agriculture and Food Tenacity and South Jakarta Husbandry and Fishery which was attended by women Family Welfare Program members. It was hoped after the socialization, those women will be more careful in buying chicken and they would spread the information to their neighbours and family.

“After the chicken slaughtering house is centralized in one place, chicken meat will be distributed in frozen because chicken will become stinky in five hours after being slaughtered,” he explained.

So far, it is hard to monitor chicken slaughtering house because the officers are limited. “After being centralized in one place, the monitoring action would be easier,” said Eko who is also a staff of the sub-dept.

Frozen chicken is a better option for the people because many chicken sold in market are not healthy. It can cause cancer to human.


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