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Anuga 2015 Trade Fair Report

News From : DagangHalal.com (30 Nov 2015)

ANUGA, the world’s largest and paramount trade fair for food and beverage returned again for its 33rd edition in a bigger and more prestigious scale. Anuga was held at Koelnmesse, Cologne in Germany from the 10th until the 14th of October 2015. This event was officiated by the German Minister of Food and Agriculture, Christian Schmidt. Throughout this event, Anuga served as a business and information platform for the global food industry, highlighting especially on their theme “convenience”.







This year of Anuga 2015, a new shelf store system known as Anuga Halal Supermarket was introduced through the collaboration effort of two powerful companies, DagangHalal and DTFood.

DagangHalal, one of the world’s largest business marketplaces featuring Halal products and services, works closely with local and international Halal certification authorities to promote Halal trading whilst DTFood Germany, with their excellence in the networking of food businesses and politics, offers support to food companies wishing to expand or boost their business in Turkey or Germany.

The Anuga Halal supermarket was an effective platform for both the exhibitors of Anuga, who were also the signed-up customers of DagangHalal and DTFood, to gain maximum branding exposure and business opportunities to promote their high-quality and innovative Halal products.

Anuga Halal Supermarket allowed the signed-up customers to exude their products in a spacious 67.5sqm island booth. This island booth was located at a strategic site in the passage between Hall 2 and Hall 4. This location had trade visitors inevitably passing through the booth. Hence, this assistedour customers by increasing their branding awareness.

With the product showcase, the signed-up customers had a choice of either showcasing their products physically or virtually. The physical products can be found at the front of the booth while the virtual products were from the backdrop at the back of the booth. These attracted visitors from every corner as we received enquired from interested and serious buyers.

Physical product showcase: with the physical product showcase, customers had few advantageous as not only did they get to showcase their tangible products at the front of the booth, each of the customers had their assigned sales representatives that will act as the middle-person to promote their Halal products. When received enquiries from buyers, the sales representatives provided business card as well as the booth location.

Virtual product showcase: the virtual product showcase promoted the customers’ products through a backdrop that was posted at the back of the island booth. Each of the products displayed came with a QR Code which allowed visitors to scan the code from their smartphone and received information of the exhibitors and their location. They can also ask the sale team of the exhibitor’s booth.

The overall result of both product showcases were successful as they were able to attract serious Halal buyers. Seeing that the exhibitor hall was huge, this saves the buyers’ precious time as they can enquiry the sales representative of the exhibitor’s booth and meet the exhibitor directly for further enquiries and to ultimately closed a business deal. Therefore, Anuga Halal Supermarket played an alternative angle for the buyers to know of the company and products without much hassle whiles signed up customers opened up another sales channel for them to increase their branding exposure and attract more buying leads.

1. HMag Distribution: HMag is our Halal Magazine which features the Halal food and beverages worldwide and also the unique stories behind the success of Halal businesses. During Anuga 2015, we delivered more than 40,000 copies of the Anuga 2015 HMag edition both through our online and offline channel. Our offline channel was by providing the hard copies to trade visitors where we placed the magazines at the international trade press booth and at the Anuga Halal Supermarket booth. Our online version is through our e-magazine in our portal which is read by our portal visitors and online subscribers from various nationalities. The function of the HMag is to assist trade visitors and serious buyers who are looking to source for Halal products. It provided them with more options of products that they can cull for their business purposes.

2. Exclusive Interview: We also conducted a VIP interview with the vice president of Anuga 2015, Mark Napier, as well as other exclusive interviews with our signed-up customers. These interviews will be published in our upcoming HMag edition. In the interview, the customers shared about the company and their special and finest products they manufactured. Along with the interview, there will be the company’s contact information. This is another incentive for buyers to contact the merchants directly. This interview acts as an additional approach to further increase the branding and recognition of our signed-up customers’ products to other markets.

3. Buying Request: During this event, the sales team managed to gather more than 250 buying requests from serious buyers. The buying requests contained buyers’ information and their request of Halal products they are looking to source. This information was compiled in excel within a week and sent to our signed-up customers. It is important for us to send it to our merchants immediately while the buyers are still engrossed with the products. This excel list was also included in the Halal Trade Manager in our portal within a fortnight. This information was shared chiefly to our signed-up customer followed by our existing merchants.


Gratitude manifestation from signed-up customers: –

We from DagangHalal would like to express our appreciation for believing in us and the services we provide. We hope to grow together with our business merchants and to celebrate the triumph throughout their business journey. Their success is our priority, as quoted by Sir Thomas Watson, “To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

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