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8th Muslim World Biz 2017: Expanding Towards A Robust Economy

News From : DagangHalal.com (07 Aug 2017)

Expanding Towards A Robust Economy
The Muslim World BIZ is a leading trade exhibition and conference in the Muslim world and is currently in its eighth year. Except for the third occurrence of the event, which was held in Jakarta, the Muslim World BIZ has been organised in Kuala Lumpur. This year, the 8th Muslim World BIZ will be again held at the Putra World Trade Centre with all the features and benefits of an event that has been succeeding in enhancing trade and investment among Muslim and Non-Muslim countries.

The Muslim World BIZ is not confined to only serve the OIC member countries as the nearly 1.8 billion Muslim population is also well established in all six continents. The event provides the ideal platform for businesses from various sectors to tap into the Muslim market knowing that Muslims currently represent over 25% of the global population. Therefore, we invite you to be a part of the successful event which has generated trade and investment deals worth over USD 150 million.


Round Table Talk 2017
The Round Table Talk – Jewels Of The Muslim World – one-day conference, held on 18th September 2017: with the Theme “Forging relationships, and accomplishing missions” will get exclusive insights of the awards recipient and experts/leaders of Muslim World. In order to achieve their success, they too went through challenges, both subtle & overt which eventually help them develop practical skills & critical thinking abilities.

OIC Women Summit 2017
This conference aims to be the premier exclusive platform to emphasize and highlight several prominent women globally and for neighboring nations to share and exchange opinions on the issues that relate to women’s involvement in social and corporate sectors. This conference brings together female leaders from various areas of society such as business, arts, media, and academia to engage in meaningful dialogue. The sessions will enable participants to learn from each other’s inspirational life stories, to explore how to amplify the message of empowerment and service to society and highlight the many ways in which women contribute to the world.

Muslim World Infrastructure & Investment Conference 2017
This forum is an ideal platform to emphasize the needs of the infrastructure community, especially within the Muslim world. Infrastructure is the backbone of economic and social development, and this forum provides the advanced technical knowledge and profitable investment opportunities for the development of infrastructure industry. Also, this forum will discuss the possible ways through which governments and private sectors cam cooperate to capitalist on the resources and create benefits for local and global communities.

OIC Higher Education Fair 2017
This conference is the perfect forum for the leading Malaysian and international academicians, researchers, policy advisors and government officials to analyze, debate and seriously think out of the box to ensure a better future of the next generation. You would not want to miss out on this opportunity to chart the course of our children’s education.

World Islamic Tourism Conference 2017
This is a leading conference with the main objective of increasing the inbound tourism traffic flow into the Muslim countries by promoting the large number of heritage sites and natural sceneries in these countries. The conference also presents the unique innovative policies of Islamic Tourism, which has been established and successfully practiced by many Muslim countries. WITCX is the best avenue to showcase the rich cultural heritage, the modern tourist attractions as well as the products and services which is believed to increase the intra-flow of tourists among the Muslim countries as well as with non-Muslim countries.

OIC-Asia Trade & Economic Forum 2017
The objective of this conference is to enhance trade and investment linkages between the African and Asian OIC Member countries. This important Congress will provide an ideal platform for businesses from various sectors to tap info both African and Asian markets. Within the framework of its activities aiming at promoting trade and investments between the OIC Member countries and following the instructions of HE Dr. Yousef bin Ahmad Al Othaimeen Secretary General of the OIC to launch new trade initiatives to achieve the new target of 25% of intra-OIC trade by 2025, the Islamic Centre for Development of Trade (ICDT) plans to organize the Africa –Asia Trade Congress in September 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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