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3rd Starch World Opens In Feb 2014 To Discuss Indonesia’s Future Prospects As A Starch Producer

News From : DagangHalal.com (08 Jan 2014)

CMT’s strategic 3rd Starch World in Jakarta on 17-19 February, 2014 brings together indigenous starch players as well as prominent stakeholders from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and others to outline the roadmap of the starch industry – bio-plastics from starch, cassava starch and sweeteners.

Centre for Management Technology (CMT) will host its industry premier event 3rd Starch World on 17-19 February, 2014 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The 1.5 day conference brings together leading experts and industry players in the starch world to discuss the innovations in starch & derivatives, side stream products and emerging non-food applications as well as seek solutions to global carbohydrate gap and explore the opportunities for pea starch and derivatives.

The conference will spotlight on Indonesia’s prospects of becoming a big starch producer in the near future. A number of indigenous players from Indonesian starch industry will share their experience at the event. Sudarmo Tasmin, Deputy President Director of PT Budi Starch & Sweetener Tbk (one of the world’s largest tapioca starch producers engaged in the production of tapioca starch, citric acid, sulphuric acid, modified tapioca starch, MSG, sweeteners) will deliver a paper on ‘Production Outlook of Cassava Starch and Sweeteners’ and also share the company’s plans for green transformation. Sugianto Tandio, President Director, PT Tirta Marta will share details of his company’s notable achievements in the field of ‘Biodegradable Plastics from Cassava Starch’, while Irvan Tere from Cassava Small & Med Scale Enterprise will elaborate on ‘Cassava/Starch home Industry in Sentul and the structure of the industry’.

The event also boasts speakers from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China. A senior representative from Thai Tapioca Trade will enlighten the audience on how to learn from Thailand – world’s biggest exporter of starch and the world’s largest producer of native tapioca starch and explain how the Cassava pledging and intervention program by the government helped the country achieve such a feat. Dr. Tan Swee Lian, Director of Research & Development from Solomon Investments will provide details on ‘Cassava plantation in Malaysia’ while the session on ‘Innovative approaches for high value added products from starch’ will be led by Prof. Chu Ky Son, School of Biotechnology and Food Technology (SBFT), Hanoi University of Science and Technology. Apart from these, the conference will also have a session each on ‘PetroVietnam’s Vision & Experience for Bioethanol Development’ by Dr. Pham Van Bac, Deputy General Manager of Petroleum Processing Division, PetroVietnam and ‘China Corn and Starch Processing Industry’ by a Senior Representative from China National Grains & Oils Information Centre.

Other key sessions include: a) Developing Thermoplastic Starch Materials for High-Value Sustainable Applications by Dr. James H. Wang, Research Technical Leader, Kimberley-Clarke Corporation

b) Pea starch and derivatives (fibers) including developments in Roquette Starch activities by Dr. Bernard Pora, Asia R & D Director, Roquette

c) Growth potential for starch in this oil & gas /drilling applications by Bernard Stover, Hanseland

d) Potato based clean label innovations for fast growing Asian snack and snack pellet markets by Henk Jaap Meijer, Director Marketing and Innovation, Emsland

e) Starch -the gelling agent of the future by Dr. Piet Buwalda, Head of R & D, Avebe Food

f) Organic starch and applications in the Cosmetics industry by Senior Representative, Agrana

On 18 February, 2014, a Workshop on ‘High Yielding Cassava Varieties & New Developments in Pest/Disease Management’ will further examine: a) Cassava Plantation, Agricultural Practices and Pest Management – Perspective from Thailand

b) Latest Pests affecting Cassava

c) Latest on Cassava Diseases and Management

d) New High Yielding Varieties in the Market

CMT has also organised a site visit to Cassava Farm and Home Industry – KSU Agrocassava Nusantara in Lido Sukabumi and Starch Home Industry Groups in Sentul City Bogor that will give participants an overview of how cassava is grown and processed in the home-based industries.

The event, sponsored by G. Larsson Starch Technology AB and DuPont Industrial Biosciences and supported by Indonesian Cassava Society (ICS), expects to bring together plantation, agriculture/ agro industrial crops, fermentation, enzymes suppliers; companies that uses starch & starch derivatives – food, textiles, paper, pharmaceutical; starch manufacturers using feedstock including rice, cassava, corn, wheat, tapioca, financial institutions; ethanol producers; fertiliser companies; sugar plantation companies; equipment & technology suppliers and more.

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