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Tried & Tested: Golden Years

News From : DagangHalal.com (23 Nov 2009)

There’s much to be said about the use of gold as a beauty aid, writes ZUHAILA SEDEK.

GOLD has long been known to do wonders to keep skin looking youthful. Cleopatra used gold as an anti-ageing treatment.

Used as currency in ancient days, gold is now being combined with modern techniques to develop effective beauty products.

Safi recently introduced Safi Rania Gold. The product is made using 24K nano gold particles. I was recently given the opportunity to try out the Safi Rania Gold serum.

After a week, my skin tone is more even and my face looks brighter.

The serum, which is an anti-ageing treatment, is more suitable for mature women than girls my age. However, younger women may also benefit from using it as it did work well on my skin.

According to the company, gold has been proven scientifically to reduce wrinkles (up to 55 per cent in the product’s case) and improve skin elasticity whilst slowing down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin.

The pearl protein in the product also promotes fair skin and nourishes the skin with essential minerals and amino acids as well as Vitamin B3.

My only concern is the “oiliness” of the product. It is okay when you are in an air-conditioned place. But once you’ve stepped out under the sun, you might want to bring along some tissues or oil film.

My opinion? This is a good product which we can be proud of as there are not many such products in the market, especially from Asian companies.

For best results, use Safi Rania Gold serum with other products from the Safi Rania Gold range such as Safi Rania Gold Facial Cream Cleanser, Safi Rania Gold Facial Scrub, Safi Rania Gold Toner, Safi Rania Gold Eye Contour Cream, Safi Rania Gold Moisturising Day Cream with SPF20PA++, Safi Rania Gold Moisturising Night Cream and Safi Rania Gold Beauty Cream.

Safi products are safe and halal and can be used by many, especially Muslims.

It is a brand I trust as my grandmother and mother are using it. It can also be used during prayers.

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