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The Secrets Of 24K Gold Unveiled

News From : DagangHalal.com (09 Sep 2009)

Dating back to the time of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, pure gold was used as a tool to maintain youthful skin. But until recently this lavish beauty resource has been untapped by the modern world.

Commonly featured in cosmetic products as colour pigments or as an ingredient, gold has increasingly been introduced in skincare products as a respectable anti-ageing ingredient.

Gold fanatics in Malaysia will be delighted to know that Safi, after years of intense study and research, has successfully incorporated 24K Nano particles into their latest skincare line – Safi Rania Gold. Muslim women will be pleased to learn that besides being safe and effective, Safi Rania Gold is most importantly, certified halal.

Scientifically, gold has been proven to be an effective wrinkle-reducing ingredient. It notably improves skin’s elasticity while slowing down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin.

Gold also stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer skin to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect. Achieve fair and luminous skin with this exclusive skincare range with the presence of more luxurious elements — including pearl protein.

Also an anti-ageing ingredient, pearl protein is a rich source of calcium and actively replaces depleted essential minerals and amino acids within the skin.

Together with vitamin B3, these ingredients combined lighten and rejuvenate one’s complexion while reinforcing the skin’s structure.

Packed with the goodness of 24K Nano Gold, the Safi Rania Gold Serum promises to intensively reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by 55 per cent while improving skin’s elasticity. In just three weeks, Safi Rania Serum helps you achieve fair, glowing skin that will be the envy of your peers!

Safi Rania Gold boasts a wide array of exclusive anti-ageing products for a specific skin area and purpose:

● Safi Rania Gold Facial Cleansing Gel

Perfect for dry skin, this gel’s balanced Ph formula is kind to the skin as it does not strip skin of its natural emmolients during every wash.

● Safi Rania Gold Moisturising Day Cream with SPF20PA++

To avoid the dreaded effects of the sun’s UVA and UVB rays, apply this day cream with SPF20PA++ religiously every day. Say goodbye to age spots and uneven skin tone and hello to fair and beautifully nourished skin!

● Safi Rania Gold Moisturising Night Cream

Our skin repairs and rejuvenates itself while we sleep. To capitalise on this natural process, apply this night cream to boost skin’s hydration and restructuring process. Wake up to visibly younger and radiant skin every morning!

● Safi Rania Gold Eye Contour Cream

This cream is formulated to improve the structure of the delicate skin around our eyes, reducing the appearance  of fine lines and lightening under eye cirlces. Apply this cream day and night.

● Safi Rania Gold Toner

Open and large pores are prone to trap dirt leading to problem skin. This toner, formulated with rose water, tightens pores and helps prepare skin for optimum moisture absorption.  Use after each facial wash.

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