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Russia To Export Halal Reindeer Meat To Qatar

News From : DagangHalal.com (22 Dec 2010)

DOHA, Dec.22, 2010 (News Agencies)– . A number of countries are coming up with innovative ways to grab a slice of the rich halal market in the gulf region. Russia, which has recently upped its halal marketing campaign, has now its intention to export reindeer meat to Qatar.

Dmitry Kobylkin, governor of Russia’s Arctic Yamal Nenets region, told the Reuters News Agency that on a recent visit to Qatar he pitched the idea to the Qataris who were at first were uncertain about the halal status of reindeer. But once convinced they are showing active interest. A trial production of 1,000 cans of reindeer meat has already started and a Qatari delegation will soon visit Russia to study the process.

Yamal region officials also hope that the product will carve a niche in the domestic halal market in Russia which has a large Muslim population. They are also hoping for a joint venture with the Qataris.

– Halal.com

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