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Pakistani Manufacturers Can Get Benefit From Chinese Experience In Halal Food Industry

News From : DagangHalal.com (06 Aug 2009)

BEIJING, AUG 6 (APP): The International Halal Food and products exhibition kicked off at Qinhai International Exhibition Center, Xining on Thursday.  A large number of  countries including Malaysia, Iran and Arab states including a Pakistani exhibitor also taking part in August 6‑9 annual exhibition.  A senior diplomat from Pakistan Embassy while representing Pakistan told APP that there is a great deal of opportunities available for Halal food and product traders of his country.

He said that China Halal food industry is applying most modern technology for processing and preserving meat, fish, potato chips, biscuits, tomato ketchup and other perishable items.

Pakistani traders associated with food processing  industry can greatly get benefit from Chinese experience by  participating in Halal Food exhibitions being regularly held in different cities of China, he noted.

The global market value for trade in Halal food and products is estimated at USD 2.1 trillion a year. 

With a 20 million Muslim population and a 1200 year history of Halal food production, Halal food and products have been a life  style in China and a part of Chinese culture.  

The Fair provides the world exhibitors and visitors ChinaÆs manufacturing edge of Halal food industry and its huge demand for Halal‑certified products and services.

There is need that Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) pays attention towards the promotion of Halal Food by encouraging traders to participate in such exhibition to learn use of cutting edge technology for the preservation of meat, fish and other food stuff, as these days packed food items are in vogue all over the world.

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