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Pakistan Urged To Enter Halal Trade

News From : DagangHalal.com (03 Nov 2009)

Calls are coming from all sides to increase its share in the global halal market. Razzak Hashim Paracha, chairman of the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry, last week said that it was surprising to know that no Pakistani stakeholder possessed any share in the lucrative market, the News reported.

He said manufacturers should enter the global halal trade which would surpass any other trade in the world in the next few years. “Opportunity is never lost, it is grabbed by someone else,” commented Paracha, explaining that countries including Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, USA, Thailand and others have grabbed the opportunities to benefit from the halal market.

Halal Development Pakistan’s  CEO Asad Sajjad  said that awareness of the world halal market and halal standards in Pakistan was almost zero as people here believed halal meant chicken and meat only.

He explained that the quality of halal products and halal standards were very high due to which not only Muslims bought halal products but even non-Muslims looked for certified halal items by virtue of their quality and hygiene.

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