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Pakistan To Top Halal Food Exports: Kurd

News From : DagangHalal.com (28 Apr 2009)

Islamabad-Federal Minister for Livestock and Dairy Development Mir Hamayun Kurd has Pakistan will soon top in exports of Halal food. The Minister said in an interview that the government is adopting scientific methods for the production of livestock and dairy development and soon Pakistan would become no.1 country in the world, especially in Europe. The Federal Minister while talking about European Union restrictions on the export of fisheries, he said that the main cause of these restrictions is that previous governments have not given proper attention to this sector.
He said that a group of European Union will visit Pakistan in August and there is strong possibility that they would not only lift the restrictions but the visit will also give a boost to the fisheries sector. The visit would also help increase the exports of Pakistan. The minister said around 80% of Pakistani population depends on livestock directly but the non-technical staff in the previous government failed even to make country self sufficient.
The new government is taking steps to increase the export of dairy production, he said. To a question, the minister said that previous governments ignored Balochistan and the wrong decisions of the Musharraff’s regime destabilized the province as he was working on a foreign agenda. “Nawab Akbar Bugti was the first sardar who recognized Pakistan. But he was killed so brutally that shocked the Baloch nation,” he said. “The people of Balochistan will not bear the drone attacks and they will strongly resist if the foreign armies enter into their regions. They will not allow the UN and NATO forces to come to Balochistan,” he said.
When the Minister was asked about the current situation of Balochistan, he said that Baloch is patriotic Pakistani nation but the foreign elements destabilizing the situation in the region. He further said that Balochistan can not make progress as long as it is not recovered from the previous situation of insurgency. “The past government dealt Balochistan in such a way that compelled the residents of the area to be used in foreign hands”. “But Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and President Asif Ali Zardari are seriously taking steps not only for the compensation of the affected people in Balochistan but also for the development of Balochistan.

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