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OnePure Halal Cosmetics

News From : DagangHalal.com (15 Sep 2009)

Canadian Make-up artist Layla Mandi introduces cosmetics, free from alcohol and animal residues. OnePure brand offers “halal” cosmetics, for Muslims, which have no ingredients that are banned under Islamic law.

Halal (which means Lawful) products are getting very popular, forbids pork and alcohol, and animals must be slaughtered according to Koranic procedures.

Muslims around the world buy halal food, but halal cosmetics are still very new. They can be bought on the internet, but not usually over the counter.

Layla Mandi who converted to Islam, said “Muslims don’t want to go around and pray five times a day having pork residues on their body. I came to the Middle East to learn about people’s needs. Most were shocked when I said there were pork products in skincare items, they were very interested”.

Moisturisers, shampoos, face masks and lipsticks, and other items often contain fatty acids and gelatins obtained from pigs, Mandi said.

Cosmetics is a highly competitive business, and OnePure is guaranteed pure, and is presented in glitzy wrappings, which it is hoped will help get them a start in the market.

Source: International Supermarket News

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