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‘No Trace Of Pork’ In Pure Ghee

News From : DagangHalal.com (20 Oct 2010)

THE makers of QBB Pure Ghee said it has applied for a new halal certification from Malaysian authorities, following recent findings that the product has “no trace of pork or substance of porcine origin”.

Earlier this year, QBB lost its halal certification from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) for its Pure Ghee, a product that is widely used for traditional Malay delicacies and pastries in Brunei.

The revocation of the halal seal was based on a report by Jabatan Kimia Malaysia (JKM) which had earlier found a certain substance in the product that it labelled as “foreign”.

In a statement, QBB emphasised that “Jakim and JKM had never categorised the substance as non-halal as they could not identify it, in the first place”.

JKM’s latest analysis dated 25th August 2010, however, “found no trace of pork or substance of porcine origin” in Pure Ghee, QBB said. This is based on the letter from Jakim dated 22nd September 2010, QBB added.

“The issue of the existence of a foreign substance (in Pure Ghee) was no longer raised,” Lim Peck Bin, director, QBB (Pte) Ltd, said in the statement. “This was also confirmed at our subsequent meetings with Jakim.”

Under Jakim rules, a revoked halal certification cannot be reinstated, hence, QBB had to lodge a fresh application on 23rd September 2010.

The manufacturer in its media statement said its product “does not and has never contained lard or any substance of porcine origin.

“We have no doubt whatsoever that the product concerned is halal and is fit for consumption by Muslims,” said QBB.

The manufacturer uses Anhydrous Milkfat for QBB Pure Ghee. It said that this substance has been certified halal by the Islamic Coordinating Council of Victoria, which is also recognised by Jakim. “The product has also been duly acknowledged as not containing lard or pork by the Islamic Religious Authority of Singapore. Analysis carried out by the Agro-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), the Health Science Authority, Singapore and the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, Mauritius also confirmed that the product does not contain lard or traces of porcine origin.”

It added: “QBB is always conscientious towards the sensitivities, expectations of and requirements that have to be met for its Muslim consumers. In light of this, QBB has always taken and will continue to take all reasonable steps to ensure that our products are suitable for all Muslim consumers and meet the requirements for halal certification at international level.”

In September this year, Brunei was abuzz with talk about consumers’ displeasure over reports that QBB Pure Ghee had been found to contain a non-halal substance.

Housewives and bakers said they had been using the product for Raya mini-cakes for generations and that it was upsetting to hear of the negative news.

However, when interviewed yesterday, some bakers and supermarkets seemed unaffected or unaware of the news over Pure Ghee.

Halal-certified bakeshop Bakerlyn Cake House was not even aware of the product, while Fleur De-Lys bakeshop said it has not come across the product and has not used it.

Likewise, a baker at the Supasave supermarket bakery said the shop does not use the product. She, however, has used it to bake at home.

– The Brunei Times

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