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New Feature @ FHM 2019! Introducing: The Robotic Food Zone

News From : DagangHalal.com (11 Mar 2019)

The modern F&B and hospitality industry have long adapted to new technologies over the years with innovation technologies such as collaborative robots (Cobots) have significantly reduced the obstacles in robotic adoption. The new automation methods, which work side by side with employees, are more efficient, safer, cost effective and more user-friendly compared to older robots and its system. The adaptation of modern approaches will automatically increase productivity and efficiency levels in the industry where it can also be used to systemise food preparation processes such as labelling, packing and palletising.

Supporting this contemporary adaptation, the Malaysian Government has introduced schemes, such as the Automation Capital Allowance and Domestic Investment Strategic Fund, to incentivise businesses to embrace new technologies. Visit FHM2019 to learn more about current and future automation technologies and how it can help improve your business to a greater level. Visit www.foodandhotel.com for more event’s information.

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