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Muslim Countries Urged To Export Halal Food

News From : DagangHalal.com (15 Oct 2009)

KARACHI: Despite huge potential, Muslim countries especially Pakistan continue to overlook the importance of halal food standardisation and exports, said Masood Khawaja, President of Halal Food Authority (HFA).

He said the Muslim countries import much and export less to European countries and this imbalance sometimes goes up to 80 per cent compared to 20 per cent exports to Europe.

“Our inspectors who have experience of inspection of food products in Europe have come to Pakistan and they are fairly satisfied with the operations of some slaughter houses here complying with international standards,” he said adding that there is a lot that has to be done in Pakistan for halal food.

He was speaking to media persons at the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday. European countries do not accept products from Muslim countries because the products contain imported ingredients that may or may not observe international standards, and same is the case in Pakistan, he added.

Halal food also means food that is fit for human consumption hence it fulfils all the international hygiene standards, said Khawaja adding that Bhombal Group has recently joined HFA to offer halal food certification in Pakistan.

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