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Michigan’s Only Mexican Halal Restuarant Attracts All

News From : DagangHalal.com (08 Nov 2010)

DEARBORN, Nov, 2010 (News Agencies)– .

Enthusiasts of Mexican who want to follow the Islamic dietary rules often find it hard to satisfy their taste buds due to the lack of halal restaunts catering to their needs. But as North America’s Muslim grows  followed by the diversity in tastes businesses are capitalising on this niche. Fuedo Grill which opened earlier this year in the city of Dearborn is an example of the growing trend. It has successfuly showed how with some effort Mexican cuisine can be adapted to halal rules.

The resturant overcomes the prohibition on pork by replacing it with beef or chicken. The owner told the Metro Times that he uses a chicken-based chorizo using vinegar, cumin and a paste of dried Mexican peppers. The taste of the substitute is soo good that he says it has “fooled many Mexicans.”

It is probably for this reason that despite Fuedo Grill not serving any of the prohibited items it continues to be as popular among non-Muslims as among Muslims.

With the rise in the number of Hispanic-American Muslims it is expected that a new trend of halal Mexican restaurants will catch on. The Hispanic American population is anywhee from 70,000 to 200,000 according to some reports.

– Halal.com

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