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Malaysia To Help Cambodian Muslims

News From : DagangHalal.com (06 Jun 2009)

The ‘Majlis Muafakat Dakwah Malaysia-Kemboja’ or MMDMK council will help to enhance the socio-economic status of Muslims in Cambodia by setting up several special institutions for the purpose.

MMDMK chairman, Datuk Mohd Nakhaie Ahmad said for a start the council will help the Selangor International Islamic College (KUIS) to open a campus branch in Cambodia which would be known as Cambodia Islamic College by the end of the year.

He said an organisation that functions like Tabung Haji would also be set up soon to help Muslims in that country to contribute and be able to perform the ‘haj’.

Nakhaie said also given focus was having ‘Halal’ certification for canned food from that country.

“Our efforts will be easier as the Cambodian government allows Muslim communities in other countries to aid Muslims there,” he told reporters after receiving a 10-member delegation headed by the Cambodian Muslim Development body headed by Othsman Hasan who is also Cambodia’s minister for vocation and labour.

Nakhaie said three memoranda of understanding on economics and education were signed.

Meanwhile, Othsman thanked Muslims in Malaysia for their continued support.

He said his organisation was trying to change the mentality of Muslims there, who were about 40 years behind Muslims here, so that they could easily respond to swift development.

“The Champa community which is still leaving on raft-houses will be moved to permanent places to do farming and be more competitive.

“We will use all expertise, including in agriculture and fisheries, contributed by Malaysia and help Cambodian Muslims get out of poverty,” he said.

The Muslim community is a minority group in Cambodia with about 700,000 people or four per cent of the population.

Source from : BERNAMA

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