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Malaysia – The Halal Food Market

News From : DagangHalal.com (25 Nov 2009)

Malaysia is urged to capitalize on the halal food industry by means of trilateral cooperation between Malaysia, Pakistan and the Middle East.

Masood Khalid of Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry (Additional Foreign Secretary for the Asia-Pacific region), said there was vast potential for Malaysia to forge trilateral cooperation with Middle East countries in the halal food industry.

He said that Pakistan has vast agricultural land along with cheap manpower and therefore could supply primary food products — especially meat, mutton, milk, rice, vegetables and fruits. Middle East countries and Malaysia could set up downstream industries and undertake the marketing of halal products.

Mr. Masood said that to achieve this there was a need for a working group to be set up. This group would represent Malaysia, Pakistan and the Middle East countries. It would look for ways to tap into a great potential halal market. If done, a major boost to economic cooperation among Islamic countries in food production will be achieved.

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