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Malaysia-Thailand To Bring Together Their Respective Economic Strengths

News From : DagangHalal.com (24 Sep 2010)

HATYAI, Sept 23 (Bernama) — Malaysia and Thailand have identified their respective economic strengths to collaborate, especially in the trade sector, to enable both the countries increase trade between them as well as in the global market.

Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry, Datuk Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir said the two sides have also identified obstacles or problems that could stand in the way of achieving their aim and the measures to be taken to overcome the problems.

Several discussions have been held to increase trade between the two and both sides are committed to helping each other, he said.

“The focus now is to establish collaboraton in several sectors such as halal, tourism and logistics. If their respective strengths are brought together, we would be able to penetrate a wider market,” he told Bernama after the “Public-Private Dialogue” session here today.

The dialogue involved the meeting between members of the private sector of both countries in conjunction with the two-day Lima Dasar Summit (Five Policies Summit) which took off here today.

Deputy Minister of Commerce of Thailand, Alongkorn Ponlaboot and Mukhriz jointly chaired the meeting.

Mukhriz said in his meeting with Alongkorn today, the latter had accepted many of the suggestions that were made to increase trade between the two countries, as well as the issues being faced.

The issues are not that serious but they should be overcome as soon as possible, he added.

Among them, many goods and forms from Thailand are in the Thai language, and therefore suggestion has been made to have them in the English language as well to facilitate smoother operations, he said.

“We want to smoothen communications between us,” he said.

On the first Five Policies Summit, Mukhriz said both countries had agreed to making the meeting between their private sector, an annual event.

“Malaysia will organise the second meet. For now, Penang has offered to be the host for the next event after this. We will check if there are any other offers.”


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