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Local Restaurants Should Establish Halal Certificate: Mui

News From : DagangHalal.com (12 Nov 2009)

MEDAN – North Sumatra Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI)’s Food and Drug Analysis Institute (LPPOM) concerned local restaurants’ owner in Medan unwillingness to establish officiate halal certificate (Islamic sign legal food).

“Whereas many restaurant are in Medan, just only one restaurant has had halal certificate, this was concerned,”Deputy of Sumut LPPOM MUI, Palit Muda Harahap, in Medan here on Tuesday (Nov.10).

“Whether it is  restaurant or small restauran the process of food servicing are so many proceses, starting from the food material together with ingredients should be halal, so that people are no worries,”he said.

North Sumatran, particularly for Medan residents are mosly moslem, so it should be any quarantee of halal food product traded by restaurant, besides, verious foods should be questioned by official independent concil namely LPPOM MUI, they cannot claim themselves that the food is halal for being consumed.

Secretary of Sumut  LPPOM MUI, Bisma told that based on the data collected at least 277 halal products which has had halal certificate,”in each month we usually decree about six certificates,”he conveyed.

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