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Koperasi Mega Wants To Sell Readymade Malay Delicacies

News From : DagangHalal.com (24 Nov 2010)

IPOH, Nov, (Bernama) — Koperasi Mega Berhad (KMB), currently engaged in retail business and supply of halal foodstuff, intends to venture into supply of readymade modern cakes and Malay traditional delicacies.

Chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Ngah said the halal industry’s current growth has opened up avenues for the cooperative to prepare the delicacies under halal method and market them.

“To begin with, we have started producing and supplying five types of delicacies to outlets around Ipoh since last month. Response from customers has been good.

“We intend to produce more than 15 types of delicacies and pack them nicely to ensure they are fresh and quality is guaranteed,” he told BERNAMA on Friday.

Abdul Ghani said the cooperative was negotiating with traders who are keen to become suppliers in efforts to market the delicacies widely.

He said the cooperative has plans to diversify its products and ensure its products are of quality and met requirements of the country’s halal industry.

“From studies and observations made over a year ago, we find that many of the Bumiputera products failed to penetrate into the big market due to poor packaging and delivery hitches.

“If you look at foreign food products in the market, all of them are packed attractively and are airtight, rendering our products difficult to compete with them eventhough some of our foodstuff are more nutritional and of superior quality,” he said.

To circumvent the market obstacle, Abdul Ghani said the cooperative would market its products with high quality packaging to attract consumers.

“The cooperative is also working to obtain a halal certificate from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) as an added value for our products,” he added.


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