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Keeping SimplySiti In Mind

News From : DagangHalal.com (15 Apr 2010)

THE country’s pop darling, Datuk Siti Nurhaliza has recently launched her own line of skin care and cosmetic products, joining other celebrities who have earlier paved the way.
Dubbed SimplySiti, Siti referred the project as her ‘baby’, and all her attention and focus now will be directed to the newly-launched product.

“A lot of effort, time, hardwork, research and funds has been put into this project. This is like a dream come true for me and I will personally handle this baby of mine with much love and care,” said the radiant singer.

Recalling how the project came into being, Siti said the idea was suggested by her beloved husband, Datuk Seri Khalid Mohd Jiwa.

“He asked me one day, would I like to produce my own skin care and cosmetics line? I was surprised because I didn’t expect it to come from a man like him. I mean, his business is totally different from cosmetics, so what does he know about it anyway?” said Siti laughing.

“But my husband was so determined and he was the one who started the project, right from scratch. After looking at his efforts, I have faith that maybe I should venture into this. More so, this has become one of my dreams,” she said.
The singer said the project took about two years of research and product testing, before it could be officially launched.

“Research was done by Nielsen where several women and men were called to test the product, without acknowledging that it was my skin care line. Besides that, I personally rolled up my sleeves and tested all the products myself. Every texture, every colour, and each ingredient was monitored by me.

“I like skin care texture that is light and easy to apply. Plus, it must be halal, so that I can wear them during solat. For cosmetics, my make-up artiste Nurul Shukor and I sat down and picked the best colours, which are incidentally my favourites,” she added.

According to Siti, all products are processed in Korea. “Everyone knows that Korea makes the best skin care and cosmetic products in the whole world. Even the Westerners are starting to turn to Korean products now. SimplySiti has its own processing factory there,” said Siti.

“SimplySiti products include nanotechnology, which is the latest technology in skin care. All ingredients are based on natural ingredients, which I have used for so many years.

“Customers need not worry about the cleanliness of the product and whether or not it is halal for Muslims. I have gone to the factory several times to conduct checks and see how the products are processed.

“We even brought JAKIM representatives from Malaysia to check on our products before we could be given the halal approval. Honestly, it is not easy to get a halal approval from JAKIM.”

The uniqueness of SimplySiti doesn’t only lie on the texture and variety, but also to the name given to each product. For example, each of the 20 Simply Gorgeous Lip Colour shades are named after Siti’s repertoire of her 20 most popular songs.

“I like it that way. Not only that it sounds unique but it is also easy to remember. Plus, it reminds the fans of the songs that are so close to my heart,” said Siti, adding that SimplySiti products are available at all Watson stores nationwide.

“We are also trying to place our products at Jaya Jusco besides opening several kiosks but it is still under discussion,” said Siti.

SimplySiti products are priced between RM18.90 to RM59.90. Judging from history, where several celebrities failed to launch their cosmetic and skin care products in the market, Siti said she hopes SimplySiti would not face the same fate.

“I don’t have any right to talk about other people’s products but as far as I am concerned, I will make sure this baby of mine survives and go far. Who knows, SimplySiti might go international one day,” she said.

On her other projects, Siti said she will soon come up with her own line of fragrances, which will also be produced under the SimplySiti label. “That is my next target. However, I will have to give priority to SimplySiti’s first batch and if God-willing, more products will be unveiled soon,” she said.

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