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Judge: Cost No Reason To End Religious Meals In Prison

News From : DagangHalal.com (22 Nov 2010)

INDIANAPOLIS, Nov. 2010 (News Agencies)– . In a landmark judgment an Indiana judge has ruled that high cost is no reason to end religious meals for prisoners. The case involved a Jewish prisoner and his request for kosher meals which were denied to him by the prison authorities. Legal experts claim that the implications of this ruling are applicable for all prisoners including Muslims. In the past, the Indiana Department of Correction had provided kosher and halal meals that were prepared and prepackaged by outside sources. However, the practice was dropped because of the cost. But after inmate Matson Willis sued, federal Judge Jane Magnus-Stinson ruled in his favor, finding that the prison’s handling of the issue violated his religious rights. According to the American Civil Liberties Union, more than 90 prisoners were affected by the menu change. Prison officials are now reviewing the ruling ahead of a second hearing on November 30.

– Halal.com

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