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IMT-GT Joint Business Meeting In Phuket Push For Excellent In Halal Industry

News From : DagangHalal.com (02 Jun 2009)

The IMT-GT Joint Business meeting in Phuket reached an agreement to push for the region to be excellent in Halal industry, tourism and agriculture trade, while Phuket is boosted as a health tourism and software development hub.

A Joint business meeting under the Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand Growth Triangle or IMT-GT held in Phuket has reached the conclusion that business sectors in the three nations will push for the region to be excellent in Halal science industry, agricultural development, tourism and IT.

The joint business meeting was held at Royal Phuket City hotel during May 27- 30th and was well participated in by member nations’ representatives. The chairman of the Thai delegation for IMT-GT, Mr. Thanarak Pongphetar stressed that Thailand is ready for the Halal industry, while Indonesia and Malaysia are strong in religion. Touching on the agriculture development, Mr. Thanarak said the three partners agreed to exchange palm and rubber breeds, while Phuket also proposed abalone farming investment by sending the juvenile abalone and cultivation technology to Indonesia and Malaysia.

As for tourism, all parties agreed that Phuket has high capacity and is prepared to promote tourism links among each other. They proposed direct flights between Medan of Indonesian Sumatra Island and Phuket or scheduled flights Medan-Penang-Phuket.

The meeting also paid interest in Bangkok Hospital Phuket’s proposal to boost Phuket as a health tourism hub due to the island’s world class standards for medical, and heath tourism plus facilities and transportation. The meeting also proposed that Phuket be a hub for software personnel development.

The resulting agreement of the meeting will be presented to another meeting in Indonesia before August this year and the IMT-GT ministerial meeting is expected to be held around September this year. The IMT-GT development covers 67.5 million people in 3 nations comprising 14 provinces in southern Thailand, 10 provinces of Indonesia and 8 states of Malaysia.

Source:Andaman News NBT TV | YouTube

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