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Halal Market Opens In Cebu Next Week

News From : DagangHalal.com (24 Apr 2009)

In response to the growing number of Muslims here, including traders from Mindanao, the Office of the Muslim Affairs (OMA) in Region 7 in collaboration with the Cebu City government will launch the first halal program implementation here.

Sakiran Hajan, OMA 7 regional director, said that next week, there will be a market in Cebu where halal meat and other products will be sold as prescribed by the Holy Quran.

“With the launching of halal meat products in one of the city’s market, local Muslim residents especially the tourists will now have easy access in acquiring the prescribed meat for consumption,” he said.

Hajan cited that Muslims are strictly not allowed to eat meat products that are not properly slaughtered according to tradition.

“The meat of chicken, cow, carabao and other accepted animals for Muslim consumption has to pass halal authorities prior to eating,” he said.

Hajan stressed out that prior to the slaughtering of the said animals, Muslim butchers must perform rituals according to the laws stated in the Quran.

“Every animal has life so before we slaughter them we first ask the permission of our Creator,” he said.

Hajan pointed out that aside from meat products, Muslims are also not allowed to consume non-halal commodities.

He said the Rabitattul Ulama League in Central Visayas is now in talks with the different hotels and restaurants in Cebu so that halal accepted food and commodities are expected to be available soon.

The implementation of halal programs in the region can also generate additional revenues as more Muslim tourists would visit the country due to the availability of halal products.

Meanwhile, the Cebu Association of Tour Guides headed by its president Al Quizon has lauded the effort of OMA and the local government here, as they noted an increase in Muslim tourists.

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