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Halal Forum In The Hague

News From : DagangHalal.com (18 Nov 2009)

The World Halal Forum held at the Hague, 17th and 18th November will see business leaders attending to discuss and be informed on the Halal market in Europe. Muslims and non-muslims are wanting to buy Shari’ah compliant food.

Vice president of Nestle, Frits Van Dijk said, we are starting to see thet these products are not just in speciality shops, but are also starting to get into the mainstream of modern retailers.

Britain’s Tesco and France’s Carrefour now have a wide range of Halal food. It is expected that the market will increase by up to 25 per cent in the coming ten years.

“The Halal industry is one of the fastest growing industries, with growth rates exceeding traditional industry sectors. At present, supply of Halal products and services are dominated by non-European countries, but huge gaps remain between the existing trade level of Halal products and size of the market potential. Hence, there is a relatively large un-tapped potential for European countries and companies to be involved in the Halal industry.

In order to facilitate this, World Halal Forum Europe aims to deliver a comprehensive understanding on the potential of the global and regional Halal industry, trade and market access as well as major characteristics and issues faced by the industry to the delegates/ participants. It is also a perfect platform to conduct business networking between speakers, panellists and participants of the event to harness the trade opportunities in this industry.

From a gathering of high-level participants, industry experts, academicians and scholars, deliberations and resolutions at WHF Europe 2009 will shape the future of the Halal industry.

Be the first to understand the challenges and issue of the Halal market and get the leaders advantage by participating.

WHF 2009 is the perfect avenue with expanding opportunities for market leaders, industry experts, academicians, and Islamic scholars to gather and comment on the Global Halal Standard, as well as gain insights on potential implications on Halal integrity, business and trade.”

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